Lexus Named Most Reliable Brand by Consumer Report for Third Year in a Row


Good news for Lexus owners: Consumer Report recently listed Lexus as the most reliable car manufacturer in the market in its 2015 Annual Auto Survey. Just beating out Toyota and Audi, respectively, Lexus received a higher predicted-reliability score than its closest competitors based on the number of models it currently offers.

Now might be a great time to explore that used Lexus IS 250 you’ve had your eye on for a while – especially with such validation of its reliability. Stop by your local Lexus dealer and ask to see a used Lexus IS 250 for yourself before they’re all gone.

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Why Buying a Used Lexus ES 350 Beats Buying its Competitors New


A good reputation doesn’t tarnish with age.

For anyone in the market for a high-quality luxury car that can go the distance and won’t break the bank, look no further than a used Lexus ES 350.

In the Lap of Luxury
Few other models so fully embody the Lexus dedication to superior comfort and luxury without sacrificing power or efficiency. A full-sized sedan with plenty of room to stretch, the ES 350 offers decadent performance guaranteed to leave you loving it and plenty of standard premium features to turn your drive into something fantastic.

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Lexus Holds Third Annual Short Film Festival

LOS ANGELES, CA - JULY 30:  (L-R) Founder & CEO of TheWrap Sharon Waxman, The Weinstein Company Chief Operating Officer David Glasser, directors Jon Goldman, Satsuki Okawa, John Thomson, General Manager, Global Branding Department, Lexus International and Executive Producer of Lexus Short Films Joey Horvitz speak onstage during the 2nd annual Lexus Short Films "Life Is Amazing" presented by The Weinstein Company and Lexus at LA Live on July 30, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for The Weinstein Company)

Lexus is renowned for their production of luxury vehicles, but the company isn’t only involved in the automotive industry. The brand has actually teamed up with The Weinstein Company to hold the Lexus Short Films series at the Nappa Valley Film Festival.

Sure, Lexus additional focuses may counter your desire to pursue a used Lexus IS 250. However, it’s still worthwhile to recognize what the company is doing for the community…

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Used Lexus LS 460 vs. Used Cadillac XTS—Which Provides More Value?


If you’re looking for a luxury sedan, the used Cadillac XTS and the used Lexus LS 460 are pretty popular options. Used cars can be an excellent value if they’re certified under warranty and pass the manufacturer’s inspection standards.

The question remains though: does the Lexus LS 460 or the Cadillac XTS provide more value when it comes to used? Read on to find out!

Comparing Features

Both sedans offer different features, but it’s safe to say that the Lexus LS 460 offers more standard features than the XTS. The Cadillac XTS either doesn’t offer some of the features the Lexus does or you’ll have to pay an additional fee for them. When you’re looking for a used car, chances are you’re trying to avoid additional fees!

The Lexus LS 460 features Siri Eyes Free Mode for those with iPhones, which can be extremely helpful while on the road. This 4.6L V8 has a long wheelbase, a roomy backseat, and an available open and close power trunk. While the XTS does have a spacious backseat, its wheelbase isn’t as long and it doesn’t offer the power trunk option. The LS 460 also comes with a power moonroof, something the XTS doesn’t offer at all.

The Cadillac XTS comes with a mere eight speakers. The LS 460 easily outdoes this with a whopping 19 speakers. That’s more than twice the amount of the Cadillac although these cars are relatively similar in size. The LS 460 also features rain-sensing wipers, an entertainment system, and a heating steering wheel. The XTS doesn’t offer any of these features.

The Cadillac XTS, with a 3.6L V8, does outshine the Lexus in fuel mileage though at up to 28 MPG with the Lexus falling slightly behind at 24 MPG. The XTS also offers a self parking option in addition to dual screen rear entertainment. It has a large trunk, but lacks the smooth ride that the Lexus has. There’s also limited rear visibility in the XTS and it’s lacking a standard backup camera.

The Lexus LS 460 features distance pacing cruise control, something the XTS lacks. The integrated navigation system is only available on some models of the XTS. Both vehicles offer speed control and an emergency communication system.

Interior Luxury

Both vehicles are relatively similar when it comes to interior luxury. They both offer heated front seats, ventilated seats, leather upholstery, genuine wood inserts, and a leather steering wheel as well as a leather shift knob. The XTS doesn’t offer heated or ventilated seats on some of its models, however.

The interior luxury is somewhat sidestepped in the XTS by the fact that its ride is unnecessarily harsh. For a vehicle with a luxury interior, you’d expect it to be a smoother and quieter ride. This is where the Lexus shines—the nearly noiseless ride is further accented by the luxury interior. Combine this with the fact that the Cadillac XTS is missing an entertainment system and has only eight speakers, and the Lexus is looking like a much better deal.

Both vehicles have great features to offer, but when it comes to used value, the Lexus LS 460 is ahead of the Cadillac XTS. With more standard features and options than the XTS as well as more technology and comfort, the LS 460 is a great choice when it comes to used sedans!


Why the Lexus RX 350 is Better than the Toyota Highlander



For families considering a crossover SUV, the Lexus RX 350 and the Toyota Highlander are two very popular choices. While these two vehicles are very similar in construction, they differ on some pivotal points. Some people look at the Lexus and just see a higher price tag—but it’s what you get with that higher price tag that makes all the difference, even with a used RX 350.

The Lexus RX 350 has been a popular choice for single drivers as well as families alike. The Highlander offers a little more seating if you have a family bigger than five or if you’re looking for more storage space. However, the Lexus RX 350 has a bit more to offer when it comes to technology, the interior and exterior, and its luxury feel.

So if you’re not looking to have a large crossover and rather a more modern one, check out these reasons as to why the Lexus RX 350 trumps the Toyota Highlander.

Sleeker Exterior



Although the Toyota Highlander got a redesign for 2014, the Lexus still has a sleeker exterior. The Highlander offers third-row seating, so the design needs to compensate for the headroom and legroom needed in this area. The Lexus’ interior hasn’t changed too much over the years, but its classic design is recognizable anywhere. From its roof to its curved sides, the Lexus RX 350 has a much more modern and sleek look than the Highlander.

The Highlander appears somewhat boxy and has harsh angles compared to the Lexus. Its new design provides an updated look but not quite the same amount of sophistication and eye-pleasing value as the Lexus. The Lexus’ smooth exterior also reflects the modernity of its interior. The Highlander’s exterior reflects functionality and incorporates the extra seating space into the design, but if buyers don’t need this space, it ends up just being wasteful and the new design doesn’t do much for the exterior.

The Lexus RX 350 is able to trump the Highlander with its exterior design, which, although unchanged, is still bringing aesthetic value to the world of crossovers. When you want a smooth design that encases the modern interior of luxury, you want a Lexus.

Modern Interior


The Toyota Highlander’s interior was designed to be functional but provides little in the way of modernity. Its Mark Levinson sound system lets you know that you’re in a luxury car in addition with the option of getting up to 15 speakers. The Highlander only offers six speakers despite the fact that its interior is larger than the RX’s on account of the extra seating. This means that the RX 350 has more than twice the amount of speakers as the Highlander. When you’ll be seating up to eight people in the Highlander, wouldn’t you need those extra speakers to hear?

The design of the interior of the Lexus RX 350 also provides more in the way of luxury and makes you feel like you’re driving the best. This is because the Lexus features a leather and wood steering wheel, a wood console, leather seats, a leather shift knob, and DVD audio. While some of these things come optional on the Highlander, it’s still missing that luxury feel that you can only get with a Lexus. In addition, the Highlander doesn’t provide the DVD audio on any of its models.

The modern interior of the Lexus includes bucket seats to give you a feel that you’re in a sports car rather than an SUV when inside the Lexus. The Highlander’s seats don’t provide this, and some of them aren’t even power operated. With your heated steering wheel, touchscreen, and wood and leather, you’ll feel great driving the Lexus.

More Technology


The Lexus RX 350 has the upper hand when it comes to technology as well compared to the Toyota Highlander. The Lexus offers dual-zone automatic temperature control as well as Siri Eyes-Free System, which appeals to iPhone users that want to be in sync with their phone safely while in the car. The temperature control as well as the added technology capabilities make the Lexus the choice for people who want to travel in comfort and safety.

The touchscreen lets drivers access everything they need while on-the-go. The integrated navigation system as well as the emergency communication system are included whereas the Highlander only offers the integrated navigation system and doesn’t have the emergency communication system available at all. The Highlander also just started offering an automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high beam control—things that have been available on the Lexus for a little while now.

While the Highlander has stepped up its game to compete with the RX, the Highlander is still missing a reverse sensing system, whereas the Lexus has a reverse sensing system in the front and rear to ensure safety when backing up or moving forward from parking. The Lexus RX 350 offers ventilated seats in the front while the Highlander only offers the heated. The RX just has more options when it comes to crossovers, especially when it comes to the Toyota Highlander. If you’re looking for a luxury feel with more technology and a sleeker exterior, the Lexus is the only crossover for you.

More Features

While both vehicles have a 3.5L V6 with 270 horsepower and 248 lb.-ft. of torque, the Lexus gets slightly better gas mileage than the Highlander—this could be due to the fact that the Highlander is carrying an extra row of seating when the Lexus is not. With the bulky-looking exterior of the Highlander, you’ll likely prefer the smoother design of the Lexus in addition to the better fuel mileage.

The RX 350 comes with a power liftgate standard while this isn’t even an option on some of the Highlander models. When you’re spending that much money on a crossover, you should at least have the option of a power liftgate for when your hands or full or just to help prevent injury. The RX has a power moonroof while the Highlander only offers this on one model. The Highlander doesn’t offer distance pacing cruise control at all while this feature is available on at least one model of the Lexus.

The Highlander doesn’t offer a power passenger seat at all while this feature comes standard on the Lexus. The Highlander doesn’t even offer a power driver seat on two of their four models. With so much lacking in a crossover SUV, why settle when you’re looking for the best? The Lexus RX 350 has more features to offer buyers than the Highlander along with more technology and better fuel mileage with a luxury interior that can’t be beat.

From its technology to its sleek design to the luxury interior, the Lexus RX 350 trumps the Toyota Highlander. For buyers who aren’t as worried about space and more concerned with luxury and different technology features, the Lexus is a smart choice. While the Highlander offers third-row seating in addition to an updated design, it can’t compete with the feel and look of a Lexus on the road. Consider a Lexus RX 350 when you’re looking for your next crossover.


Price Set For Upcoming 2016 Lexus RX 350


If you’ve been waiting all year for the Lexus RX 350, you can finally know how much you should be budgeting. The popular luxury vehicle is set to hit Lexus lots come November (along with the 2016 Lexus RX 450h hybrid), and we recently learned how much the vehicle will cost.

A used Lexus RX 350 will certainly be less expensive than the upcoming 2016 model, but it’s still worth noting the price tag. Who knows, maybe you’ll one day see the 2016 model lying around a dealership…

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Fuel Cell-Powered Lexus Expected by 2020


Sure, Toyota may have their own fuel cell-powered car, but that hasn’t been enough to satisfy the Lexus enthusiasts who want the same. Well, those car fans will be happy to hear that such a vehicle is rumored to be produced by the company. It’s likely going to take some time until we get to see the vehicle in action, but those interested can at least start to get excited.

While you won’t see this type of vehicle if you’re seeking a used Lexus for sale in Pennsylvania, it may be worth considering when you’re seeking a different car by the end of the decade…

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10 Reasons the 2013 Lexus RX Makes a Great Used Crossover

2014- Lexus RX 350

The Lexus RX is a luxury crossover SUV that is an excellent choice for busy families on the go, who prefer to ride in style. The Lexus RX has been selling in the United States since 1998, and with its exceptional reliability ratings, the RX makes a great option for those looking into purchasing Lexus used cars. [click to continue…]


The Road to the 2016 Lexus GX 460


Lexus first introduced its GX 460 SUV in 2010 and has since continued to improve upon its “Pursuit of Perfection,” as seen in the upcoming model. But, the road to the 2016 Lexus GX 460 is rich with earlier iterations combining luxury and performance.

Here, we spotlight a used Lexus for sale that we think is a particularly good buy: the 2014 Lexus GX 460.

Read on for a detailed overview of this used Lexus for sale and see how you can drive luxury for less.

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Check Out This Lexus Made of Cardboard


When you were a kid, you probably sat in a cardboard box and envisioned yourself driving down the highway. Then your mom called you in for dinner, and you had to give up your fantasy. What if I told you there was an actual full-size car composed entirely of cardboard? Well, fantasy realized!

Lexus recently produced a functioning “Origami Car,” but you won’t find this vehicle lying around a used Lexus lot. Regardless, let’s learn more about how the “car” came to be, all via Amanda Kooser of

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